The youth program at RIWC is a very important part of how we serve the community. It gives us the opportunity to teach young people strong values and how to prevent violence. The program coordinators know the difficulties that face youth daily and understand the pressures they have. This gives youth a chance to talk to people who get it, and be honest with their struggles and questions.

The youth program has become an effective platform for outreaching to other agencies and groups. We have developed leadership development training modules for young women to learn skills to articulate their needs from their unique vantage point and to teach youth how to find ways to constructively respond to community concerns. By providing youth with the tools to identify and meet their communities’ needs, this program has given us the unique opportunity to reduce the negative impact of marginalization. The Youth Program is vital to the community that needs to ensure that these girls, young women, and their children are not falling through the cracks, spaces overlooked in gaps to essential services.
Our Anti-Violence Youth Program focuses on youth leadership development, anti-violence education, and non-violent relationships. This program improves the health and safety of girls, young women and their children who are victims of physical/emotional abuse and sexual assault. The program improves access to information promoting healthy relationships and support services for those affected by violence.

The Anti-Violence Youth Program includes: 
• Individual and Group Counselling 
• Referrals, information, employment, and housing services 
• Workshops for youth, development of leadership skills 
• Outreach work with other community agencies and schools with the City of Toronto

Anti-Violence Youth Program​

Although they are listed as separate services, RIWC follows an integrated model of service where each of its service and program components overlaps. For example, although job search workshops are listed under Settlement and Integration Programs, they can be accessed by clients in other programs as well. Other services include counselling, internships, and community workshops.

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