The majority of our volunteers are newcomers to Canada who feel that RIWC can provide them with a sense of community as well as with the opportunity to enhance their employability skills. We offer community members and students the chance to build marketable skills through skill training, leadership development, and job placement opportunities. All volunteers are provided with reference letters. Through placement in our agency, our volunteers and placement students gain experience, opportunities, and training in the following areas:

• Cross-cultural training and Canadian labor market experience 
• Assessment and referral 
• Reception / administrative / computer training 
• Life skills and Hospitality training 
• Research skills development 
• Translator and Interpreter opportunities 
• Placement with settlement and violence against women counsellors 
• Community outreach and networking opportunities 
• Counselling and advocacy skills 
• Greater understanding of the dynamics and role of a community-based organization

In addition to our newcomer volunteers, RIWC is a destination for many students from local colleges and universities to do placements in the areas of wife assault counselling, community outreach, and settlement work.

Volunteer and Student Placement Program

Although they are listed as separate services, RIWC follows an integrated model of service where each of its service and program components overlaps. For example, although job search workshops are listed under Settlement and Integration Programs, they can be accessed by clients in other programs as well. Other services include counselling, internships, and community workshops.

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