• 2020 RIWC Projects:

  • Empowering Women in the Food Service and Restaurant Industry (2018 to 2021) – funded by the department of Women and Gender Equality, this three-year project will work with a consortium of private sector partners to identify and address intersectional barriers that prevent women from achieving economic security within the food service and restaurant industry.  Over the project period, three pilot initiatives will be launched and evaluated using a GBA+ framework to support vulnerable racialized women who are currently employed or transitioning to employment in the sector.

  • Development of Intercultural Intergenerational Resiliency Framework (2019 to 2020) – funded by Canadian Heritage, this project will work with a cross-section of stakeholders from immigrant, refugee and Indigenous communities to develop a new Intercultural Intergenerational Resiliency Framework.  Over the project period, RIWC will work with the Alliance for Intergenerational Resilience to build bridges to and  between Canada’s First Nations communities and newcomers to Canada to promote intercultural understanding and increase awareness of Canada’s cultural diversity. 

  • Capacity Building for RIWC Women’s Programs (2019 to 2022) – funded by the department of Women and Gender Equity, this four-year project will increase RIWC’s capacity to advance equality between women and men in the economic, social and democratic life of Canada.  Over the project period, a GBA+ review of programs will be completed and strategic priorities will be identified, a five-year fundraising strategy, results-based management plan and new human resources management policies will be developed to strengthen RIWC’s capacity to respond to the needs of the community and further enhance women’s participation in the social life of the country.

  • Women in the Garden Project (2017 to 2020) – funded by the United Way, this three-year project will increase access to healthy food, improve physical/ emotional health and wellbeing, increase access to community resources, build connections and leadership for isolated immigrant/refugee seniors in East Toronto. The project will include new techniques of urban agriculture, age-appropriate exercises and mindfulness techniques, modules for hands-on learning workshops, and build peer leadership to increase community capacity of vulnerable seniors. 

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