Food Service and Hospitality Training
(FSHT) Program

FREE, 10 week skills training program for Women and Men
on Ontario Works, focused on the food, hospitality and
tourism sector. This program is highly individualized and
provides hands on training and experience to participants in
our in-house social enterprises:

After completing the program, participants receive six months
of post-program support for seeking employment, further skill
development, training and education and relevant placement
opportunities that will lead to employment.

• Learn job search skills including professional
communication, resume building & interview skills
• Gain advanced computer skills, attend life skills
workshops, be coached on hard & soft skills, and get
exposed to Canadian workplace culture and
entrepreneurship training
• Receive Food Handlers, Smart Serve and WHMIS
• Receive wrap around services that include in house
settlement, legal and counselling support, access to all
in-house programs and workshops health, housing

and legal support

Although they are listed as separate services, RIWC follows an integrated model of service where each of its service and program components overlaps. For example, although job search workshops are listed under Settlement and Integration Programs, they can be accessed by clients in other programs as well. Other services include counselling, internships, and community workshops.

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